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March 2023

Emily Horrigan is much more than a hard working law student at California Western School of Law and the office manager at Centurion Trial

Emily when she rescued her dog Finn.

Attorneys, she also serves at a local pitbull rescue known as Passion For Pitties. Emily was in search of a dog collar for her pitbull, Finn, when she came across their website. She loved everything about their services so she sent them an email asking if there were any opportunities to help serve. She got started the very next weekend! Emily has already made her mark as she bring dogs from the shelter to adoption events with Passion for Pitties. When asked about the events her face lit up! She described the first time she served. She said, "It was for a kids event and at the entrance we had a huge set up for the kids to walk through and they got to play with all the dogs. It was adorable." Her favorite part about serving at Passion For Pitties is "getting to handout with the dogs and watch others hangout with them too because people get to see what great dogs they are." She is passionate about changing the stereotypes around pitbulls, and hopes that through these events, people will see why she loves pitbulls so much. Her least favorite part is having to say by to the dogs at the end of the day. Emily's passion for pitbulls started in 2019 when she was coming home from college. She was driving by a Goodwill when she saw a dog jumping around on the side of the road. She pulled over, and took him home while she looked for the owners. When she did, she found out that they were not the best owners, so her and her family decided to keep him and all fell in love. This was when she got her first pitbull, Duke!

One of the dogs at the rescue, Frenchie, who is available for foster or adoption.

As a result, Emily wants to share her love for pitbulls and find them homes all around California. It is so easy to help out and foster. Believe it or not, fostering through Passion For Pitties is completely FREE! The rescue provides you with all the tools necessary to take care of the sweet dogs. All you need to do is love them. If you are interested in learning more about this organization, donating, or fostering a dog in need, you can click here.

Trish Bentley

Patricia Bentley is the Administrative/Intake Manager at Centurion Trial Attorneys. Patricia graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a major in Psychology and a concentration in Therapeutic and Community Interventions. Patricia's passion and drive to help others was inspired from her classes and the...

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