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Dedicated Labor & Employment Attorneys. Our practice focuses on employment litigation. Centurion Trial Attorneys pushes harder and gets better results because we are fully equipped to take your case to trial when necessary.

Workers' Rights: Everyone is entitled to a safe, dignified workplace and a fair wage. When employers take advantage of good employees, Centurion Trial Attorneys is here to help. We don't like bullies, so we put maximum pressure on wrongdoers to hold them accountable. If you have been made to feel unsafe or discriminated against at work, Centurion Trial Attorneys is ready to fight for you.

Employment Defense: Even the best employers can find themselves on the wrong end of a lawsuit. California law makes it very difficult for employers to escape liability during an employment dispute. Centurion Trial Attorneys is ready to protect your business and your reputation from unfounded or exorbitant claims.

California Employment Compliance: We are ready to protect your business, your good reputation, and your staff. Use our extensive knowledge of California labor laws to reduce liability and ensure positive working relationships with your employees. 

Real Trial Lawyers. Real Results! Don't settle for anything less than a dedicated trial lawyer. Excelling at trial is NOT within every attorney's wheelhouse. When you hire a Centurion Trial Attorney, you get expertise, peace of mind—and most importantly—RESULTS.

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Centurion Trial Attorneys exists to tackle your toughest employment problems. Our trial-focused firm is ready to deliver outstanding results only dedicated litigators can provide. Don’t Fight Alone: Get a Centurion!

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Even the best employers can find themselves in a lawsuit. We defend employers from unfounded and exorbitant claims.


A trusted Centurion legal advisor can help you unlock the full potential of doing business in California.


We proudly support medical professionals. If a patient alleges malpractice, we are ready to protect your practice and your professional reputation.

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California Labor & Employment Law Attorneys. Get the superior results only true trial lawyers can provide. Don't Fight Alone: Get a Centurion!